To improve the situation of People with Disabilities

who We Are


BPUS decides its program particularly focusing on the needs of the peoples with disabilities, women and children. Strategies for the programs have been developed considering the gradual empowerment of the project participants as well as the optimum use of local resources and a safe environment for the future generation.

Our Approach


BPUS respects the values and beliefs of its development partners, and strives to collaborate with them in development interventions that reflect their principles and aspirations. BPUS endeavors to work with those who share their expectations, sincere approach and implementation of its operations. It places win-win dealings with others and has a strong commitment to being responsive to their needs. BPUS aims to provide a quality of services that makes a valuable contribution to change livelihoods of the project participants. Further, the organization always has the commitment to:

— Our Principles

The basic principles of BPUS are participation, accountability, transparency, commitment, professionalism, networking and sustainability. It also believes that access to information and public services are the basic rights of all people.

— Our Vision

Build an inclusive nation where persons with disabilities are fully included and protected from exploitation and poverty in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


— Our Mission

Achieve an inclusive society by promoting the rights of persons with disabilities through advocacy, and representation; providing skills training and support for economic empowerment; establishing self-help groups of persons with disabilities and enabling equitable access to essential services and benefits.