These Are the Heroes with the Passion to Transform Their Communities

Our Partners

Australia's | DRF

— Disability Rights Fund

The Disability Rights Fund (DRF) is a grantmaking collaborative between donors and the global disability rights community that provides financial and technical resources to organizations of persons with disabilities to advocate for equal rights and full participation in society.

Bangladesh | ABF

— Access Bangladesh Foundation

To consolidate a national network of DRF grantees and other Disabled Persons’ Organizations with the aim of advocating to the government of Bangladesh to strengthen CRPD implementation and inclusion of persons with disabilities in government development programs.

The Netherland's | LF

— Liliane Fonds

80% Of all children with a disability live in the poorest parts of the world. Poverty is the primary cause of disability, and conversely, disability leads to more extreme poverty. It is a vicious circle. The Liliane Foundation breaks this vicious circle by empowering children with a disability and their parents.

German | Catholic Bishops’ Organization

— Misereor

Misereor is the German Catholic Bishops’ Organisation for Development Cooperation. For over 60 years Misereor has been committed to fighting poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Misereor’s support is available to any human being in need – regardless of their religion, ethnicity or gender.

France| Humanité & Inclusion

— HI network

The HI network is an organisation made up of a Federation, eight national associations and the HI Institute on Humanitarian Action. All these entities work concertedly to implement HI’s international aid and development mandate.