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Bord of Directors

James Ripon Barai

Conduct General Council and Executive Committee meetings as chair Appoint the ED Approve organization’s annual plan, budget and expenditure Guide ED in smooth management of the organization Linkage with GC members Replace GC members where necessary Program visit

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Sunil kumar Barai

Perform all responsibilities of chairman in his absence Linkage with GC members Program visit

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Badiul Alam

All secretarial job of executive committee Convene GC/EC meetings with the consent of chairman Keep GC/EC meetings minutes/records Overall management of the organization Staff appointment Fund raising & liaison with donors Government linkage Project proposal writing

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Ranjit Bodya

Keep financial oversights of the organization Prepare annual budget expenditure (statement) Place the annual budget expenditure in AGM for approval Prepare annual budget plan Place the annual budget plan in AGM for approval

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