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Date: October 17, 2020. People with disabilities must participate in politics.

People with disabilities must participate in politicsAlmost 15 % of the total citizens of the country are victims of disabilities in some way. In our country there are about 1 crore 60 lakh people with disabilities and their families, relatives and countless friends. So without participating in politics and decision taking process of this huge disabled community, the overall development and SDG target level cannot be achieved. It is the teacher’s responsibility of the state to ensure the participation of the disabled people in all fields. It is the sacred responsibility of concerned political parties and Election Commission to ensure equal opportunity and participation of people with disabilities in local government elections and national parliament elections. I invite all our disabled brothers and sisters to participate in all kinds of elections and politics according to their own area and physical capabilities. Because people with disabilities have political rights in law. As long as we can not become the people’s representative or the leader of the party, we cannot enjoy our full rights. As a result, our disabled brothers and sisters and the general community will be deprived of the fundamental rights, I am pledging to join the rights movement with you on the streets in the future.Bodiul AlamFounder and Executive DirectorBangladesh Disabled Development Agency (BPUS)Award winner of the government for the development of people with disabilitiesAgailjhara, Barisal

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